A Little Bit About Skuzblog

Skuzblog began as a search for the free website. Not just any free website, though, I wanded a site that would host a blank slate for interactive media. Most of the sites I had seen would give you a template to fill in, or require you to sport their banner.
In my search, I was introduced to Blogger, a company that Google had just purchased.
I found a lot of other services, and learned a lot about php, css and xml, as well as honed my flash skills a bit more.
Because I had the site, I began using it to post my work, stories and activities. I have posted everything from songs I created to political commentaries, animated drawings and movies to photographs of live painting performances.
Skuzblog is in its third year now, and its been incorporated under the broader wing of Gabe's Imagination. It continues to be my regular report of what's going on here.