Interview with The Noyse

I was recently interviewed by an on-line magazine called The Noyse. They did a short feature on my work and asked me some questions about it. You can read it here.

You Don't Know Jack

Photo by Aaron Rogosin

Even if you think you know Jack, you don't know Jack.

I thought Jack was riding his bike through the California Desert, wearing a Tuxedo, on his way to Albequerque.
That's because the last time I saw Jack, the only clothing he had with him was a tuxedo, and he was traveling by bicycle through the southern bay area. He had lots of art supplies, some bike tools, some camping gear, and his tuxedo, and he said he was on his way to Albequerque.
Well, just as I was starting to think I knew Jack, well, at least what he was doing (I've been telling people he's on his way to Albequerque wearing a tuxedo on a bicycle), just when I was getting comfortable with the idea, Jack had to go and drop me a line and tell me something new.
Turns out Jack lost his pants, so know he is riding his bike to Albequerque with a tuxedo top, but he doesn't have any tuxedo pants anymore. can't really call it a tuxedo without pants.
I'm betting he'll find some new pants soon, some really sweet ones.
Here's a link to Jack's photostream.