Burning Man Collaborative Productions

Here are some of my favorite collaborative projects from this year's burn:

The Uchronians (aka the Belgians) built the bird's nest everyone thought would collapse,
The Do Lab, brought out the 80 foot flower and the venus fly trap,
The Flaming Lotus Girls turned up the heat this year,
Entheon Village created an amazing controlled atmosphere,
Earth Tribe threw down NorthWest style so give up three big cheers!

Live Painting at the Jerome Baker Booth, ASR Trade Show

AIR_9798 copy.JPG
Originally uploaded by Aaron Rogosin.

Live Painting at EarthDance NW

Live Painting at EarthDance NW
Originally uploaded by skuz.

Here's a picture sarah took while I was hard at work Saturday night at EarthDance NW.

EarthDanceNW Live Painting

EarthDanceNW Live Painting
Originally uploaded by skuz.

This was a great opportunity for me to get some exposure, share what I love to do, and talk with a lot of wonderful people about art.
i started the painting friday night, worked a few hours on it, then went to bed and woke up just before sunrise to start again. I worked off and on through the day, then at sunset I began working again and worked straight through the night until sunrise. It was wonderful painting to the music and i loved having all the people come by and check out what I was doing, engaging in the story i was creating about the event, the intention.