guitar madness

strung up my first guitar last night, slid the saddle around for maybe fifteen minutes before it clicked. ding ding ding, all the notes in toon, the action right, can't really believe this worked. took me about forty hours of work to make this my first one, and it should only get easier from here. pictures will soon be coming. in the mean time, I got some rocking out to do.

a question i been thinking about: what can you do with your hands?

Its crazy, absolutely crazy...
soon all the libraries in the world will be available in that little google search box.

welded a box for helens birthday today. little metal one, heavy as hell. still need to weld a hinge on it. I'm trying to decide if I should gun blue it to keep it from rusting or just let it go. I also started my guitar out of steel. I built a jig from some scraps from schnitzer's, two large round shapes and some sheet metal. then I used that to cut the guitar top and back out of sheet metal. I want to put some of that screen on there. It'll be really heavy too. I'll need a sturdy strap. I also want to put a pick-up in it so I can grab some of the more delicate sounds from inside the body of the guitar. I need to figure that one out.
spent most of the day working on a project for Amanda, she's having me paint wooden dowels different colors...kinda strange, but they end up looking really cool, all the colored lines together. and its paid work where I get to use a paint gun and come up with creative ways of painting them. And I spend the time well the coats dry welding.

back from p-town for katie's 30th birthday party. some some fellow burners, planned the domes for next years camp.
I caught up with Matt, he let kyle, brent and I each make a mushroom bed in his workshop. I gave hime another charcoal drawing, this one of him working in his studio. We were up there after Aaron's chanuka party in Salem, spinning the draedel, betting guilde and eating latke's. no hora. Kyle, brent and I all spent the afternoon at powells then boarded a train with two bottles of red wine. got to eugene a little sauced and shot a game of free pool at the horse's head fore we came home.