biking to mt

hitting the road at seven for two weeks on a bike.
from eugene to helena.
Kyle Jack Ryan and I

fair thee well

just got back from the Oregon Country fair, working the Holy Cow food booth six hours a day. I was in the company of amazing people with incredible skills all weekend, so I'm still a little buzzed from it as I pack up my house. I'm moving out of the house at 990 w 10th this week and getting ready to bike back to Montana. a few of my things are going to MT in several cars that on already passing through Eugene, my studio and tools are moving in with Jack and Kyle next year, as are my instruments, and whatever else I have that won't fit on a bike is going to a new owner.
Unless life gets in the way, I'll be traveling for the next year, making short stops here and there, but keeping my option very open. I'll have my bike and whatever I can carry on it, and I'll be exploring wherever it can take me. I'd like to look at some intentional, sustainable communities and see how they work and what they do, I'd like to check out artist co-ops and communities to see how they develop their own economies, and I'd like to look at master's level art and design programs of all types. If I can get on a boat and travel to a different continent, I might do that. I'm pretty much open to anything for the next while.
I have some student loans to pay off in the near future, so I'll probably end up working somewhere and learning a trade of some type to pay the loans off, then I'll most likely be on the road again. Woohoo.
right now, my house is a mess, and I'm sorting through four years of accumulation. It's a little depressing, but also liberating, so as long as I can keep the two in balance...