davis, ca

I made it down the coast just fine. no time. (means no mass)
now I'm in Davis, on a scavenger hunt.
I use my bike to commute around the area.
last weekend it was up to the full belly farm for hoes down
an organic farming harvest festival
so joe craven play, of the grismond group.
the reason I went was to meet up with david kupfer, who invited me at the burn
after I set up my shelter, I discovered I was camping right next to him
out of 3000 people, that's a little crazy. no such thing as a coincidence.
back track
when I got to davis, I followed my nose into the espresso roma
two things occured:
I was given a sticker for daviswiki.org
and I saw a poster for a free jason webeley show at the Delta of Venus
on the wiki, I found out about the bike church and the domes
i went to the delta and saw a poster for a party at the domes
i went looking for the bike church and the domes
I found both in the same place and was invited to the party
I left for a volunteer training at the craft center
where I will be able to weld, use the glass torches, sew, work in the wood shop
develop photos, silk screen and throw pottery.
I came back to the domes and met many great people at the party
everyone dressed in white, playing croquet and drinking gin and tonics
fire spinning till late in the night
then on to the harvest festival
I rode out with five guys who had taken a train over from berkeley
with thier various bikes.
they showed me how to bike from davis to the bay along several routes
when we stopped for lunch
and told me resources for my book
the book on bike touring
on a budget
sustainably, a guide, a diy, a tool for empowerment
then the harvest festival, I ran into many of my friends from the domes
and talked to david about writing, among other things
he's writing a guide to sustainability for teenagers
been working on it for a while now and wants me to read over his outline
this is good, it means I can help him with his work
and he wants to help with my book.
the next morning at the big breakfast I was invited to raft cache creek
cause someone dropped out
I showed up at the put in and they gave me an inflatable kayak to float in
I felt a bit like when Jack and I were driving the big rig to the burn
no money, no power except optimism, and here I was
floating up side streams and through the sunny afternoon.
Like driving that six speed diesel down the highway, but different.
Jack understands.
Off the river I started lending a hand again with clean-up.
the people that were left were all very close, but very open
and good to talk to.
I hitched a ride with my bike into town that night with one of them.
the next afternoon I was back at the delta of venus
hanging out and sipping coffee
talking with Justin, one of the domers
he called his mom and put me on the phone
she is working on a mural, tile mosaic
on the UCSF campus
and wants help, has a place I can stay.
I'm biking over to the bay for the first time friday morning
to meet up with Pyrs at the Synergy co-op
and to check out Andy's farm, Hidden Villa
and to go to the Burn decompression street fair sunday
then its back to Davis monday for a craft center safety review
and again tuesday
then the bay? maybe, but I have to be in Davis every thurs
for work at the craft center.
I still need to find a good time to hop on the bike and go the other direction
out to horton's farm where coy is living, outside Sacramento
and I plan a break to go up to shasta city and work for a week.
Need to print some of the photos from my trip
and today's project is to bind the outline of the book
into a journal, with marked sections and lots of blank pages
for each section, so I can travel on my bike
with an organized journal for taking notes
and documenting stories
and recording the tricks and tactics that make this possible.
Journal full, time to write.