I'm installing the exchange machine tomorrow

it goes in the EMU skylight area, next to the two pepsi machines. It will migrate on a random schedule between there and the north east entrance to the building where it will occupy the space between two phone card vending machines. It'll be there a while.
I'm stocking the machine for its first time out with:
two cigarettes at the end of someone's almost finished pack,
a box of matches
a candle
some chocolate
and some kopal
I'll be keeping the exchanges posted.

Jack and I are heading out tomorrow for the coast by bike. test run number one. we'll spend the night and come back the next day.

in case you were wondering

springbreak 05
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Here is a quote that represents one of Ward Churchill's primary stances. They don't put quotes like this in the mass media.

"The great bulk of my scholarly work has been devoted to documenting the United States' disregard for law and the resulting violence it has perpetrated both domestically and internationally. I believe that such practices inevitably breed violence in response, and that the most effective way to ensure the security of all peoples is adherence to the Constitution and international law, particularly the laws of war and fundamental human rights law."
This is from "Who's the Terrorist", and is version of which was given at the Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair.