New work at Bridging Boro

I've got some paintings hanging at Bridging Boro on the corner of Interstate and Alberta in North Portland. If you want to check out some art, either paintings or boro-silicate glass, be sure to stop by. They just opened up their glass shop this month and they haven't posted regular business hours yet, but if you show up and nobody is out front, ring the bell and they'll come out from the studio to let you in.

Who the heck is that?

who the heck?

thanks to Arian Stevens for taking photos of my live painting collab with the Legal Bees. If you haven't checked out his work yet, be sure to visit his blog:
Greenwood Images

here's a couple more from that night:

legal bee's collaborative live painting "Natural Disaster!!!"


Live Painting at Berbati's

Been doing a lot of live paintings at Berbati's Pan on Southwest 3rd and Burnside in Portland. Aaron Rogosin came down last Thursday and took some photos:
painting portland underground

Portland underground

This on I did for Anthony's birthday party. It's a view of Mt Tabor Erupting:
Mt Tabor Erupts

these paintings were done for shows by Hip Hop Anonymous and Runaway Productions. The next show I plan to do for them is a Greyskul show March 31st at Berbati's Pan.
here's a look at the uv paint I use:
blacklight paint