Live Painting with a Wacom Tablet

Thanks to Robert Genn for publishing my question about digital mediums on his site, The Painters Key.
I just started using a Wacom tablet, after watching artist Andrew Jones at Emerg-n-See, The Bass Nectar Underground Communication Tour, and most recently at Diversion, working with a Wacom Tablet and Corel Painter to do live painting on a projection screen.
Tonight I did a show With Randolf Mctools, Sleep, Chicharones and Animal Farm at Berbati's Pan in downtown Portland.

Moon City Live Drawing Video

I made this video using Ambrosia's Snapz screen recording program while I worked on my Wacom Tablet in Adobe Photoshop. I spent one hour working on this drawing, then exported the movie and sped it up in iMovie to a 12 minute clip. I split the clip into two parts to fit it on YouTube, so You can watch it here. Enjoy!

Part One:

The Animation Continues here, with part Two:

House Res 799 to Impeach Dick Cheney

In case you missed it, last week Congressman and Presidential Canidate Dennis Kucinich was able to get his bill, HR 799, making the case for impeachment of Dick Cheney, through the house, at which point it was sent to the House Judiciary Committee.

Vice President Dick Cheney is a criminal, and the democratic party's failure to bring impeachment charges against him is a travesty and a true threat to the security of this nation. If Cheney is allowed to continue his criminal practices while maintaining the office of vice president of the United States, the entire nation is implicated in his crimes.
If you have not heard about this on TV, or read it in your newspaper, do not be surprised. All you have to do is google HR 799, or visit youTube to watch the charges being brought against Dick Cheney. YOu will see that Kucinich is not bringing this up to pick a fight or bicker about the illegal war in Iraq, but more importantly, Kucinich is making his best effort to keep us out of WAR IN IRAN.
That's right, the impeachment of Dick Cheney is intended to prevent the Vice President from bringing us into another war, which he has been publicly pushing for by lying on national media, before his term is over next year.
I'm not going to site any news sources in this clearly biased statement, if you want to know the facts, please google it and read for yourself. I'm just trying to raise awareness, and making an effort to support Kucinich in his politically unpopular move.
What really gets me is the way national media are writing off the Republican votes to impeach as "political maneuvering". The media is unwilling to admit that Cheney is a criminal and the republicans realize it. They aren't voting to dissuade the democrats or tarnish their reputation, they voting to get that criminal out of office before he drives us all into a global conflict of unprecedented scale.
If you think its possible that Dennis Kucinich is doing that right thing, that Cheney needs to be held accountable, or that impeachment is one of our last remaining tools in the pursuit of peace, than please email Dennis Kucinich and let him know. He is collecting emails from around the country to present to the House Judiciary Committee, where HR 799 currently rests.
Email this address with your feelings on the issue:
impeachment (at)