SoHiTek Gets Inky In the Studio and On the Web

I've been working with Erik Carlson from SoHiTek on the record label's blog and the packaging for the new Double Plus Good Album.
We've been working together to design the album and the website, I'm providing tech support in a few areas, and he's designing the aesthetics for the projects. I created the font using Letterforms that a friend of Eric's drew, tracing them with my wacom tablet and converting them to glyphs using Fontlab Studio. It's called "Ashlee". I used the font to create the CD layout based on his idea. We designed it for a two color screen print using a single screen and masking.
Here are the registration tabs we put in place. He's printed five hundred of these using the Arigato Pack recycled packaging from Stumptown Printers.

Here's a screen shot of the new SoHiTek blog . It's hosted on (just like this site). Erik used photoshop to create a retro video game feel for the site, and I put all the pieces into place and created the site template. I'm especially liking the post containers. Check it out for yourself.