To the Desert!

I'm headed out to the Black Rock Desert Tomorrow morning. I'll be living in Ol Bes the Bus for a month, working for two weeks on Basura Sagrada, the Burning Man Temple (you can read a news article here or visit the website here).
I'll be working with my friend Jack to build a few shelters first off, then I'll be a part of Camp I Am for Burning Man. I'm sticking around a few days afterward to help clean up, then I'm out of there.
I'm bringing my sketch books, a lot of paint, some great food and an open mind, going into my fifth year of attending burning man, I'm excited. I'll see you all soon.

Word Fish video now up at Someday lounge

I recently performed at Someday Lounge with Word Fish, a spoken word, music, dance and painting performance group. I was working with Adobe Photoshop, projecting a painting onto the stage, and the Someday Lounge recorded the whole thing. you can see some of my techniques in action here: (you'll need to fast forward through the opening band until I get an edited verion).