Our Pre-Burn Adventure last year

Clif, Jack and I rolled out to the playa early last year to set up Camp I Am and help with the wireless network. During this first part, you can watch as the city gets built, art projects go up, and Jack climbs a 60' antennae to adjust the microwave dish during a windstorm.
On ladies night we visited the man, who was undergoing an illumination test while lying down. We also visited the Belgian Waffle in construction and met Nick, Bamboo Barry's son who hung out with us until the burn.

Berbati's Live Painting, June 7th

Photo by Arian Stevens

Photo by Arian Stevens

Thanks to everyone who came down to the 1st Thursday show at Berbati's Pan in Portland last night, it was a great time. Special thanks to Cool Hand Luke for spinning and providing inspiration for the painting, and Arian Stevens for taking some killer photos.

Art Opening at Berbati's First Thursday in June

Live paintings from the last few months done during Hip-Hop Anonymous and Portland Underground shows, also from the ASR Tradeshow in San Diego last fall, and the rest paintings from my studio. Twenty paintings in all fill the walls of the restaurant.
The show opens June 7 with a reception from 5 to 9pm, where I'll be working on a new live painting.
Mostly paintings of Portland, acrylic on wood, but also some other subject matter thrown in there. Come on down and check it out.