Thoughts on/in a City

In an age where corporations hold the legal title of "persons" and are affected as such by the governing documents of our nations,
In a place where convoluted, subdivided, multi-tiered horizons separate the earth from the sky,
Tangible reminders of forces much larger than ourselves pull power lines like puppet strings and require all vehicular and pedestrian movement to comply.
underTheBridge wiresoverHead
These buildings are titans, these highways reach out like the tentacles of scylla.
Pavement is our blood, like a bird to the air, above us, below us, and even between us.
We are awoken by, fed by, addicted by, inspired by, beaten by and pleasured by these corporate, constructed, concrete, rebar, silicon, petroleum, and asphalt demi-gods.
How can we, mere mortals, hope to affect the affections or reject the restrictions of something so impossibly large? Only a titan can conquer a titan.