leaving davis

I'm leaving davis on the train tommorrow night for eugene.
california was nice because I could do anything I wanted
and make anything happen
because thats what people do in california.
I found harbin hotsprings, where I'd like to spend some time
working and relaxing
The workshops at the Delta of Venus got coverage in the campus paper:
I was an illustrator and a photographer and a stone mason stepbuilder
and I met tons of people and did tons of things and where else could I do that
but california. everything in california is tons. California is tons of food and tons of money. california is tons of information and tons of energy.
California is just big, lots, tons, huge, plenty, more, apt, and then sum.
Seems like everyone else is just begining and california's already done.
But it'll be nice to get out of this place and leave this time. You can't do anything small in california.
Some times a body's got to get real small.