off the road

I'm here in Davis with Mickey now, we made it in yesterday through some brutal rain in northern cali. We got lucky and got a ride all the way from Ashland down to UC Davis from a highschool drama teacher on his way to SF. We showed up at Mickey's door and he was not here, and much to my surprise, it was locked. We put our bags by the door and headed out to explore. We found a garden with a sign advertising free vege dinners at the co-ops, come on in, so we did and Eric met us in the garden and told us the co-ops would be doing a potluck in about fourtyfive. We walked to the Memorial Union and found a closed down catered event with a shitton of leftover bradsticks that we brought back with us to the potluck. Good people at the co-op serving good foods up and engaging conversation, before we know it, Mick is calling to say he's home and found his phone. Good to see him again. Now its the next day and the sun was shining for all of a little bit, but now its cloudy again and we are going to hit the town. We made plans to catch a train north on saturday, but oops, we made plans and guess what, the train is booked full. So we learn. Go with the flow, we are now open to anything.