face plate open

face plate open
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this is the face plate before it is welded to the front of the machine, sealing the deal. There is a side door that I can access with a key (an old tool box door that I found), so I can still get in the thing to fix stuff/restock it in a hurry/check on what is in there at any given time without taking anything out.

The top hole is for putting things in. I am considering labeling it with the word put. I thought about give, but I think that word has too many soft connotations that people tend, in our consumer culture, to assosciate with free things. Put implies, to me, more of an action unconnected with any philosophy. Thoughts on this?
The bottom hole is where objects fall down the tray to. There is a handle and a hinge, so the door can swing open and shut. I think I will label this one get. I think take is in the same boat as give, it implies a pre-established relationship that is commonly seen as an opportunity to exploit in our culture. I don't want to encourage people to exploit the machine (you don't have to put to get), but I want them to have as open a relationship to it as possible. thoughts on this?