fingers crossed

just got those essays sent off. whew. if things go my way, I'll be interviewing, convincing them that there is no better canidate, then heading off on my way to Pine Ridge next fall. If things don't go my way, I'll deal with them just the same.
i made a map the other week, before I was even planning on applying to teach on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The map had cities across the country on it, no roads, no state boundaries, just the names of cities.
Here's the list:VancouverSeattleOlympiaPortlandEugeneDavisSanFranciscoBlackRockCitySaltLakeCityBoisePocatelloHelenaStLouisTwinCities and last but not least, Pine Ridge.
Yeah, it was on there, long before I even thought of teach for america or anything remotely related to getting a job there. I just wanted to go there, I wanted to see the delapadated arch that hangs in the entry way to the wounded knee cemetary, I wanted to see the place that crazy horse and sitting bull and black elk and thousands of others who never made it into the white history of the wild west believed to be the center of the universe, where life begins and where all life on this earth ends.
My Grandma told me the other day that My Grandpa Ed taught on the Pine Ridge Reservation for a while. Strange, I'd call it a coincidence but if you look at the numbers, there are no such thing.