welded a box for helens birthday today. little metal one, heavy as hell. still need to weld a hinge on it. I'm trying to decide if I should gun blue it to keep it from rusting or just let it go. I also started my guitar out of steel. I built a jig from some scraps from schnitzer's, two large round shapes and some sheet metal. then I used that to cut the guitar top and back out of sheet metal. I want to put some of that screen on there. It'll be really heavy too. I'll need a sturdy strap. I also want to put a pick-up in it so I can grab some of the more delicate sounds from inside the body of the guitar. I need to figure that one out.
spent most of the day working on a project for Amanda, she's having me paint wooden dowels different colors...kinda strange, but they end up looking really cool, all the colored lines together. and its paid work where I get to use a paint gun and come up with creative ways of painting them. And I spend the time well the coats dry welding.