Godzilla Black-Light Performance Painting

Photo by Aaron Rogosin

I did this painting as a performance on December 3rd, 2008. I used Rosco Vivid FX UV reactive stage paint.
The strobe effect in the video is from the led blacklight flicker meeting the video frame rate and not agreeing on everything.

A few more pictures from Aaron:

A Living Mural

Last Weekend my friend Andy and I painted a mural together.
I used my computer with an lcd projector.
Andy used black and white paint on the wall where I projected.
Andy did the lines with black paint
and I did the color with adobe photoshop

xtra-cycle studio

Wordfish At the Someday Lounge

Last July, I performed with the group Wordfish at the Someday Lounge in Portland, Oregon. The show was webcast, and I was finally able to edit down this shortened version for the web. Its got some of the highlights from the show:

Here is the final image from the night. I painted this using photoshop:

Wordfish is:
Johnathon Allen - spoken word; Laurie Boucher dancing; Victor Paul Nash on keys, vibes, and horn; Skyler Norwood on drums, Andy Combs on guitar; and myself on the electric canvas.